Dream: Finding Your Dream

Dreams come to us in infinite ways, and often in pieces. One evening many years ago I was sitting in a women’s circle after a full day’s work. With a gentle smile, the leader asked us, “What’s your dream?” I froze.

Dream? I didn’t have a dream. I had things I was supposed to do in order to be seen as a responsible adult.

“What does your heart desire?” she pressed on. Her words seemed to float in the air for me to consider.

My heart? My desire? MY Heart’s Desire? Unfathomable.

I had been raised to think only of what I had to do to help everyone else. Nowhere was it ever okay to think of just myself, to the exclusion of everyone else.

So I dutifully tried to focus on my physical heart. “What do you want?” I asked, expecting a quick, straightforward answer.


I sighed and waited. At that point in my life, my heart wasn’t used to being asked any questions, or being given any attention.

Took a deep breath to calm and center myself, then ventured again. “What do you want?” I asked, as if my heart was separate from me.

Silence again.

As I waited, I listened to the other women share their dreams – simple dreams, heart-anchored dreams, loving dreams.

Then a single word came to me. “Peace.”

Ah, yes!…. That’s what my heart desired. Peace.

Finding Your Dream by Baylan Megino

Finding Your Dream by Baylan Megino

Today I know that dreams often come to me in pieces, as words and phrases and images that catch my attention, or float in and out of my awareness.

I have to pay attention, or they could fly past me without notice.

Sometimes these help me to see what I DON’T want, so I can zero in on what I DO want.

These in turn are pieces and threads that, once woven together into a design I like, reveal the dream wanting my full focus.

So listen. See what is brought to your attention, and piece together the dream you are here for.

Let me know in the Comments below how you access your life dreams.

Blessings and Abundant Light,

Baylan Megino


The Entrepreneur’s Journey: The Risk It Took To Blossom

The Entrepreneur’s Journey is not a straight path. Anais Nin wrote, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

The Risk It Took To Blossom, photo by Baylan Megino

The Risk It Took To Blossom, photo by Baylan Megino

My life had a fairly straightforward beginning, and the American Dream was the lifestyle I was encouraged to build. By my early 30’s, I had the loving husband with a steady job, a family, a comfortable home, the cars, the great job. I even had community involvement under my belt.

But something was not right.

My normally happy, calm outlook had become spiked with occasional fits of temper, which confused me.

I sought help in understanding what was happening, and started seeing a counselor. Those sessions helped me to see myself and my situation with clearer vision and understanding.

LIfe had become an endless round of work – home – work – home – community – work … of fulfilling roles, obligations and  duties.

At one point in my life, I had sought refuge and solace in attending Mass every morning before attending classes. The calm, the routine structure, the expansive space, and the connection to God fed me deeply.

But at this point, my spiritual and life had become almost non-existent, because I was so busy taking care of everyone and everything else that I thought was important.

Wrong. It wasn’t working for me.

It was time for a major change, and managing relationship change was something that I was absolutely, positively not equipped for. After all, my mother married the man who took her on her first date! Though they remained faithfully married until his death 60 years later, I did not learn a healthy way to handle conflict in relationships.

The counseling sessions helped open the door for me to step back and start at Ground Zero — to look inside to find my thoughts and need for expression. Through painting and sculpture I discovered a hidden world within that showed me my feelings and the inner terrain of my being.

Through sharing I learned that I had something of value to express in the silence. Through writing I started to hear my own voice and to value the power of the word.

And through dance I had always been able to access my inner knowing.

I had opened the door to start exploring my life, to understand what I was all about and what I had built. Once that door was open, how I saw the world and how I navigated each moment would never be the same.

The tightly bound bud was starting to unfurl her petals.


Connection with the Motherland (repeated)

Messages from the past have new meaning each time we revisit them. This was first posted in July 2011 in my old blog.  I think it can provide meaning as we embark on our journey of self-discovery, so I’d like to share it again today:

Summer Solstice this year (2011) was special. On this day I met and spent time with Max Dashu, the creator and keeper of the archives of The Suppressed Histories Archives, where she is “restoring women to cultural memory.” For several decades she has pioneered education about women’s spiritual roles through history, and has gathered a remarkable archive that is the basis for her project “Woman Shaman: The Ancients.”

We traveled to the Pinole Shoreline Park, situated along the northern section of the San Francisco East Bay. Walking across the hill and through the fields toward the shore, I felt the spirits of those who had walked the land before me. As the waves gently lapped the shore’s edge, we separated and spent time in silence.

Summer Solstice 2011 Pinole Shores Pinecone 2 by Baylan Megino

Summer Solstice 2011 Pinole Shores Pinecone 2 by Baylan Megino

Pebbles and shell fragments littered the beach. Then a pine cone glistened in the sunlight as the seafoam nudged it ashore.

A log jutting out from the hillside was the perfect place to stop and deposit my treasures. As I placed them, I became aware of being on one shore, here in California, and my family’s motherland far away in the Philippines, another shore, one to which I will always be tied.

At that moment, the clamshell broke in two, each half an individual piece of the whole that cradles me. I had a strong sense that we have traveled a long distance — from home, to home. We have landed on new shores, and found our way in a new land. We have brought our music, our dance, our culture, our food, our values, our very beings to these new shores. We have mixed with the prevalent culture, yet have never lost our ties, have never lost our Filipino soul.

The warm sun invited me to stretch out, to feel the sand beneath my feet. And then I began to move. Slowly at first, tracing patterns with my toes. Then the rhythm took over, and I danced. Here I share what I experienced and heard.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Summer Solstice 2011 Pinole Shores Offering 1 by Baylan Megino

Summer Solstice 2011 Pinole Shores Offering 1 by Baylan Megino

Here at Pinole Shores, where so many Filipinos live, I feel the pooled connections, the tides that continue to ebb and flow, unceasingly moving the flow, reshaping the rocks and the land, the ocean floor, the soul.

We come to the water and remember… we are a seafaring people, a land-based people, separated by land and water and experiences in life.

I don’t wish to focus on struggle. I wish to focus on triumph over them. Ancestors, please help me to properly honor those who have paved the way to today.


Summer Solstice Pinole Shores 2011 by Baylan Megino

Summer Solstice Pinole Shores by Baylan Megino

… And the ocean’s swells as we journeyed to another land, a new home, were like the feelings that welled up and rolled through unceasingly, without relenting, tears of pain and sorrow, loss and longing… when will I return to my land? My loved ones? All that has been so dear in my heart? My people, my food, my dances, my music — the smiles, oh, the gentle smiles so quick to appear. My mother, my father, oh brothers and sisters — I go so far away, yet my heart is still with you, will always be with you… as I remember your voices, the laughter, the warm embrace of home…

 I am so far away, yet I hear your whispers on the water. I see your arms reaching across the waves.

We come to you, you whisper.

We love you.

We have never forgotten you.

Come home and taste the sea air,

Feel the sun on your skin,

Hear the sellers in the market.

Bagoong and bangus, lechon and pinakbet,

Sinigang and kutsinta, bulalo and

Sampalok, pusit and paksiw… we

call you… to nourish you.. body and

soul sewn together.


The water laps the shore unceasingly, over and over softening the hard edges, moving across the vast ocean. Through time, through space, across generations, the movement continues, traveling back and forth along ancient lines that tie and bind heart and soul.


On Wealth, Spirituality, Future Generations and Shining My Light

Here’s a repost that I feel is important to share right now:

I’ve had many recently people bring to my attention different attitudes about wealth, spirituality, and about being rich. Several years ago I attended a 3-day Millionaire Mind Intensive with  T. Harv Eker in Seattle. He teaches in a no-nonsense, straightforward, practical, loving way about changing your Money Blueprint. He was about to publish his book, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth,” and had us vote on which cover image to use.

NOTE: If you have a chance, go to one of these. They are life transforming. (Here’s my affiliate link: http://www.peakambassador.com/cmd.php?af=165295&p=1  or go to Peak Potentials’ website.) At the very least, go to a bookstore and check out his book. It includes his very practical “wealth files” that explain the money belief system that many of us grew up with, and shows how to shift them. That alone will change your life.

Now back to where I was going with this:

Over the years I’ve embraced the perspective of Abundance and Enlightened Wealth. The other day I was reading T. Harv Eker’s book again, and thought I’d share something he included:

“In their outstanding book The One Minute Millionaire, my good friends Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen quote the poignant story of Russell H. Conwell in his book Acres of Diamonds, which was written over a hundred years ago:

‘I say that you ought to get rich, and it is your duty to get rich.  How many of my pious brethren say to me, “Do you, a Christian minister, spend your time going up and down the country advising young people to get rich, to get money?” Yes, of course I do.

‘They say, “Isn’t that awful? Why don’t you preach the gospel instead of preaching about man’s making money?” Because to make money honestly is to preach the gospel. That is the reason. The men who get rich may be the most honest men you find in the community.

‘ “Oh,” but says some young man here tonight. “I have been told all my life that if a person has money he is very dishonest and dishonorable and mean and contemptible.” My friend, that is the reason you have none, because you have that idea of people. The foundation of your faith is altogether false. Let me say clearly… ninety-eight out of one hundred of the rich men (and women) of America are honest. That is why they are rich. That is why they are trusted with money. That is why they carry on great enterprises and find plenty of people to work with them.

‘Says another young man, “I hear sometimes of men that get millions of dollars dishonestly. “Yes, of course you do, and so do I. But they are so rare a thing in fact that the newspapers talk about them all the time as a matter of news until you get the idea that all the other rich men get rich dishonestly.

‘My friend, you…drive me… out into the suburbs of Philadelphia, and introduce me to the people who own their homes around this great city, so beautiful homes with gardens and flowers, those magnificent homes so lovely in their art, and I will introduce you to the very best people in character as well as in enterprise in our city… They that own their homes are made more honorable and honest and pure, and true and economical and careful, by owning them.

‘We preach against covetousness… in the pulpit… and use the terms… “filthy lucre” so extremely that Christians get the idea that… it is wicked for any man to have money. Money is power, and you ought to be reasonably ambitious to have it! You ought to because you can do more good with it than you can without it.  Money printed your Bibles, money builds your churches, money sends your missionaries, and money pays your preachers… I say, then, you ought to have money. If you can honestly attain unto riches…. it is your… godly duty to do so. It is an awful mistake of these pious people to think you must be awfully poor in order to be pious.”

Later in the book he touches on the issue that I see a lot, and that I have looked at for myself, that of having money and being a spiritual person.

“If I can be an example for anything, it would be that you can be a kind, loving, caring, generous, and spiritual person and be frickin’ rich.  I strongly urge you to dispel the myth that money is in any way bad or that you will be less “good” or less “pure” if you are wealthy. … being kind, generous, and loving has nothing to do with what is or isn’t in your wallet. Those attributes come from what is in your heart. Being pure and spiritual have nothing to do with what is or isn’t in your bank account; those attributes come from what’s in your soul. To think money makes you good or bad, one way or another, is either/or thinking and just plain “programmed garbage” that is not supportive to your happiness and success.

“It’s also not supportive to those around you, especially to children. If you’re that adamant about being a good person, then be “good” enough not to infest the next generation with the disempowering beliefs you may  inadvertently have adopted.

“If you really want to live a life without limits, whatever the situation, let go of either/or thinking and maintain the intention to have “both.”

Several years ago I reached a turning point in my life (one of many), and I had to look at myself. My life was less than happy and fulfilling, and I was not showing up as who I really am. I asked myself, “What am I teaching my daughter about the way life could be? What am I teaching her about what to expect in a relationship and how to be in the world?”

I’m still learning new ways of being a woman in the business world, thanks to mentors like Vangie Buell, Gina DeVee and Elizabeth Genco Purvis. I have broken through and ended the cycle of abuse, however subtly it shows up, through my involvement in the first all-Filipina “Vagina Monologues” presented by the Filipina Women’s Network, and in many decisions I make each day.

I continue to learn how to BE from Janet Attwood, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Wayne Dyer, and a host of others. I connect with Spirit, my angels and guides as I continue to understand and act on what being a healer means in this life cycle for me. I am continually learning and having the courage to Feel. I continue to step forward on my path.

I’m connecting to my spiritual roots through my connection with the Center for Babaylan Studies (CfBS) and its global community, and through individual spirit connections with others. I’m connecting with my cultural roots through the Filipino American National Historical Society, CfBS, and Gawad Kalinga.

And I am bringing myself more fully into the world through my business,  WLA Global. I help others shine their light in their life and their business.

Forest Light 20120602 copyright Baylan Megino

Forest Light 20120602 copyright Baylan Megino

Although the road has been bumpy, and I’ve made my share of decisions that could have turned out much better, as I’ve gone on to figure out the many ways that I bring Baylan  into the world, I am often reminded of that time of my life when I realized my responsibility to tend to myself first — out of self-love and self-care. I remember the talk they give you at the beginning of an airplane flight — in an emergency, secure your oxygen first, THEN help others.

In order to “Help Others Shine Their Light,” I have to shine mine, too — in every area of my life.

Wow — when I look at life through that lens, I’m quite a wealthy person already!

So go out there and shine your light — You’ll be amazed at how much light shines back at you!


Hello world from Baylan Megino and Masterpieces

It’s time to step on the next leg of this journey!

First, I’m Baylan Megino. I was born in the United States, and am a Filipina American.  My mother was born here, so I am considered 3rd generation on her side. My father was born in the Philippines, so I am 2nd generation on his side. I like to say that I am a bridge between cultures.

You can see my work background on LinkedIn. I’ve worked in lots of areas: student housing, architure/engineering, international investment management and venture capital, construction, network marketing, project fundraising/development, marketing, and alternative healing.

While building a million-dollar residential remodeling company, I became involved in the entrepreneurial community. At the same time, I studied alternative healing and found a spirit connection and ability — and the meaning of my name.

I explored my life path and journey, and created my coaching and consulting business, White Light Associates. This spun off the marketing and promotion arm, WLA Global.

At the same time, I was working with my Filipino community. First with FANHS, the Filipino American National Historical Society (actually it’s much more fun than it sounds!), I met other Filipinos who were born and/or raised here. I continue to hear stories of how each meets the cultural bridge.

Then I became involved with community advocacy through NaFFAA, the National Federation of Filipino American Associations, with Northern California Region 8.

Yet my work continued to feel the tug of a deeper calling, and I helped co-found the Center for Babaylan Studies.

Along the way, I have met and continue to meet wonderful and fascinating people whose stories I am compelled to capture.

Over time, I have explored how to show up in the world using the internet as a main base.

This site will focus on what is most important to me: helping people shine their light. There are many people who have stories to tell that will encourage and inspire. These are people I will call Masterpieces. My interviews with them, and thoughts on life will be contained in these pages. I hope you experience even a moment of light. And I thank you for visiting!

Peace and light to you,