From our Daily Boost: When Love and Skill Work Together, Expect A Masterpiece

“When Love and Skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” – John Ruskin

post by Baylan Megino


What do you love to do? What are you really good at doing? How could you marry these two?

When we are doing what we love, the effort (if there is any) needed to accomplish something seems infinitely less than when we are doing what we “like” or what we have “become good at.”

Instead, figure out how you can do what you love with the gifts that you have, with your many ways of brilliance.

That is when you experience MIRACLES.

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Heart of Hearts (Partial) copyright by Baylan Megino






Bridges, Healing and White Light Associates

Bridges symbolize connection between two places, two spaces, two peoples, two worlds. Many times I have said I am a bridge  – between generations, cultures, the physical and spiritual realms. I haven’t thought of it much for some time now, because I’ve been focusing on being the bridge, on healing, on being a White Light Associate.

Buildng the New Bay Bridge Jan 2012 IMG 6798

Building the New Bridge 6798 by Baylan Megino

Yet today I received two messages that brought bridges to the forefront. The message from “The Grandfathers” card spoke of “You, who have a foot in both worlds,” are able to help raise the level of hope in the world, and to build anew. The other was the article “Walking Between Heaven and Earth: The Babaylan Today,” which talks about the babaylan as a bridge in today’s world.

When I received my name, Baylan, those many years ago, I remember thinking how it seemed a heavy responsibility to help care for the world. At the time, I was still trying to figure out how to make sense and order of what I had built in my own individual life, much less have the time and energy to help others with theirs.

Then one day while visiting Sedona I asked my guides what I am here to do. “Help Others Shine Their Light,” they said. And when I asked what is the name of my company, they said, “White Light Associates.” They made it clear that they would be able to help more through my work.

It’s been years of understanding who I am in this life and what issues I need to address, and clearing the way for Baylan to show up in the world as a White Light Associate. Each time of peeling away the layers has allowed more of the real me to emerge. And what I’ve found so far is a greater understanding that each and every one of us is Love/Light.

We get to choose, consciously or unconsciously, how much of that light we let out into the world.

I see life as an on-going education in ways to be more of who I am here to be. Gathering the pieces (the “tools in my basket”) that I would engage to help others is an ongoing search. It was validating to learn ancient systems that explained what I had intuitively been doing.  It was empowering to learn how to balance the body and its physical and energy systems. Opening to communicate with other worlds and asking for assistance is a humbling experience. Learning to coach others helped me to organize ways of sharing my knowing so I could help others move through to shine their light.

Learning how to distill business systems helped me see how I could help those whose brilliance lies in other areas. Doing photography and videography projects continues to show me how to look at a different perspective, and how to communicate ideas in new ways. Doing community work helps me see various ways to serve, and to help larger groups of people. Social media helps me to expand my reach globally, and to the Filipino community,  and to understand how to connect and communicate messages in new ways. Doing interviews helps me to capture the stories and messages that will inspire and empower current and future generations.

The other day I was asked, “What is Baylan all about?” I had to pause, because every day the answer has new texture, new avenues. Yet, when you really get down to it, it’s all rooted in the same thing.

Whether it’s helping one get through some physical, emotional, or spiritual dis-ease, helping one create their life consciously for how they want to live it, helping one see the world reflected through different eyes, offering a helping hand to those who may have forgotten their light, helping take care of the business side so the creative is free to flow, and so others can do what they do best, helping people and organizations get their message out to the world, or helping capture messages and wisdom that will be available to others forever – it’s all rooted in the same thing. Helping Others Shine Their Light.

Heart of Hearts (partial) by Baylan Megino

There are many, many ways to help shine the light — ways large and small. And when there is more light in the world, the planet and all its inhabitants are able to heal that much more. And there is a greater possibility of peace on the planet.

When I meet someone, I look to see their light.

So I encourage you — today, go out and shine in any way that feels right. A word, a smile, a touch, a sound. In sharing, you are changing the vibration in the world, one person at a time. And in that moment of sharing yourself from this place of caring for the world, you join the legions of White Light Associates.

Thank you. And Welcome.


Daily Boost: How to Create a Masterpiece

We are each able to create a masterpiece in our lives, whether it’s an object, a project, or a lifework. What is the masterpiece you are creating now?

What do you love to do? What are you really good at doing? How could you marry these two?

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” – John Ruskin

When we are doing what we love, the effort needed (if there is any) to accomplish something seems infinitely less than when we are doing what we “like” or what we have “become good at.”

Instead, find how you can do what you love with the gifts you have.

There are many ways of brilliance. Intellect is only one. Ability in relationships in another. Making sound or music is another. Creating environment is another. There are many, and you can possess brilliance in more than one — what are yours?

When you do what you love with the gifts and brilliance you have, That is when you experience MIRACLES.


Peace and Light to You,