Spotlight on Maya Corinne: How to Create a Conscious Creative Legacy TED Talk

What is your legacy? Where you came from, the path you travel, where you are going, and where you ultimately end up — these all shape what will be remembered of your life. How we live our lives each day speaks volumes about what is in our heart and soul.

Today I share with you a TEDxFiDiWomen talk by Maya Corinne, “Architecture for a Conscious Creative Legacy.” Her message is simple yet powerful.

TED describes Maya Corinne thus: “The homebirthing, homeschooling Legacy Architect breaks down the most efficient building gesture for women, & the foundation, scaffolding & building blocks needed for the successful fulfillment of a conscious, creative feminine legacy. Grownup unschooler Maya Corinne & her best friend & husband David Hackett have raised $10’s of Millions for businesses, initiatives & non-profits as part of a global movement committed to a massive transfer of wealth towards Life.

“Since 1998 she has designed dozens of inspired giving plans for participants with a combined net worth over $14 Billion, with an eye towards evolution + resources for social justice, cultural preservation & environmental initiatives.

“Her activism includes speaking & facilitation for a number of donor-training organizations, including the YES! (Youth for Environmental Sanity) Leveraging Privilege for Social Change Jams for young inheritors, those with earned wealth & fame. Clients include A-list celebrities, CEO’s (including Fortune 500), grassroots community leaders, pro athletes & world-renowned global activists. Maya’s current focus is the cultivation of conscious, creative legacies of artists, writers, photographers, performing artists, mothers & spiritual seers. It’s a tribute to the sequential requirements of Being Woman. In 2000 she was styling celebrities, with her eco-fashions featured at Fred Segal & the Oprah Network when she was hospitalized with a rare & near-terminal condition called Hyperemesis …”

Or as said in her own words:

Maya Corinne at the Urban*Stead - Photo by David Hackett

Maya Corinne at the Urban*Stead - Photo by David Hackett


“…what’s most true is simply this – Honey Bee/Pollinator. Moves towards life, beauty, magic. Transforms through sharing your light at impossible speeds. Homebirthing, urban*steading mom of three, unschooled stylist + Legacy Architect. Gratefully collects minute bits of grace, spins it out as community caramel. With blessed help of thousands, On Purpose.”



I simply say –> Y E S . . . Check her out !!!

And I ask You to consider: What is important to you as you build your legacy?


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Daily Boost: How to Create a Masterpiece

We are each able to create a masterpiece in our lives, whether it’s an object, a project, or a lifework. What is the masterpiece you are creating now?

What do you love to do? What are you really good at doing? How could you marry these two?

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” – John Ruskin

When we are doing what we love, the effort needed (if there is any) to accomplish something seems infinitely less than when we are doing what we “like” or what we have “become good at.”

Instead, find how you can do what you love with the gifts you have.

There are many ways of brilliance. Intellect is only one. Ability in relationships in another. Making sound or music is another. Creating environment is another. There are many, and you can possess brilliance in more than one — what are yours?

When you do what you love with the gifts and brilliance you have, That is when you experience MIRACLES.


Peace and Light to You,