Spotlight on Maya Corinne: How to Create a Conscious Creative Legacy TED Talk

What is your legacy? Where you came from, the path you travel, where you are going, and where you ultimately end up — these all shape what will be remembered of your life. How we live our lives each day speaks volumes about what is in our heart and soul.

Today I share with you a TEDxFiDiWomen talk by Maya Corinne, “Architecture for a Conscious Creative Legacy.” Her message is simple yet powerful.

TED describes Maya Corinne thus: “The homebirthing, homeschooling Legacy Architect breaks down the most efficient building gesture for women, & the foundation, scaffolding & building blocks needed for the successful fulfillment of a conscious, creative feminine legacy. Grownup unschooler Maya Corinne & her best friend & husband David Hackett have raised $10’s of Millions for businesses, initiatives & non-profits as part of a global movement committed to a massive transfer of wealth towards Life.

“Since 1998 she has designed dozens of inspired giving plans for participants with a combined net worth over $14 Billion, with an eye towards evolution + resources for social justice, cultural preservation & environmental initiatives.

“Her activism includes speaking & facilitation for a number of donor-training organizations, including the YES! (Youth for Environmental Sanity) Leveraging Privilege for Social Change Jams for young inheritors, those with earned wealth & fame. Clients include A-list celebrities, CEO’s (including Fortune 500), grassroots community leaders, pro athletes & world-renowned global activists. Maya’s current focus is the cultivation of conscious, creative legacies of artists, writers, photographers, performing artists, mothers & spiritual seers. It’s a tribute to the sequential requirements of Being Woman. In 2000 she was styling celebrities, with her eco-fashions featured at Fred Segal & the Oprah Network when she was hospitalized with a rare & near-terminal condition called Hyperemesis …”

Or as said in her own words:

Maya Corinne at the Urban*Stead - Photo by David Hackett

Maya Corinne at the Urban*Stead - Photo by David Hackett


“…what’s most true is simply this – Honey Bee/Pollinator. Moves towards life, beauty, magic. Transforms through sharing your light at impossible speeds. Homebirthing, urban*steading mom of three, unschooled stylist + Legacy Architect. Gratefully collects minute bits of grace, spins it out as community caramel. With blessed help of thousands, On Purpose.”



I simply say –> Y E S . . . Check her out !!!

And I ask You to consider: What is important to you as you build your legacy?


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