What Lies Within

You have such inner wisdom. Ralph Waldo Emerson nailed it when he said, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

Whether you have been in business awhile, or are just starting to think about it, there is a creative notion inside you, big or small, that is asking to be let out into the world. It’s a message or creation that you are uniquely positioned to bring out into the world. You, and only you. Do you know what it is?

How to Access Your Inner Wisdom

Here’s an exercise that will help you access your inner wisdom and determine just what it is you are here on this planet to do right now.

Heart of Hearts 1 by Baylan Megino copyright 2002 fb

Heart of Hearts 1 by Baylan Megino copyright 2002

Take a few moments to relax your body and let go of any discomfort. Then open your sacred space. Just sit in the quiet. Pay attention to your breath, and allow your thoughts to flow. Most probably you’ll hear a jumble of thoughts, sometimes disparate, all urgent. Allow them all to float across the movie screen of your mind, and let them Exit out of your space.

When your mind has become quiet again, focus on the area of your heart. Ask your heart what it would like to share in this moment. Let the thoughts flow and, if you can, write them down.

Then ask what it would like you to do. Listen, and take note of all that comes to you.

Pick one thought that seems to float to the top of importance for you. Then ask yourself, how would I like this to show up in my world? What can I do to start to make this happen? Write down all your answers.

Then close your sacred space, and consider what steps you can take to make this happen. Do two or three of those activities today, and continue to do something consistently each day. You’ll be surprised at what happens.

Share your thoughts and let us know your results below.

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Masterpiece: When Love And Skill Work Together

Create Your Masterpiece: It is time to re-evaluate progress and direction for the rest of the year. To create a conscious life, John Ruskin reminds us,

“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”

Are you experiencing a masterpiece in your work and life?

When we started the year, we made some goals, defined where we want to be on December 31st, identified experiences we wanted to have. Then LIFE happened. As Dr. Phil would ask, “How’s that working for you?”

If while traveling your road you’ve hit some obstacles, perhaps it’s time to pause and take stock, to ask yourself if you’re still loving what you’re doing with your time and resources.


John_Ruskin_1863 (b.1829-d.1915)

John_Ruskin_1863 (b.1829-d.1915)

John Ruskin lived in the Victorian era, and was a leading English art critic, art patron, watercolorist, and a prominent social thinker and philanthropist, whose ideas laid the groundwork for environmentalism and sustainability. Per Wikipedia, “He wrote on subjects as varied as geology, architecture, myth, ornithology, literature, education, botany and political economy… In all of his writing, he emphasised the connections between nature, art and society. …Today, his ideas and concerns are widely recognised as having anticipated interest in environmentalism, sustainability and craft.”


Time to Evaluate

If you’re not loving what you’re doing, it’s time to figure out ways to adjust or to reset so your actions put you on the trajectory you need to be on in order to arrive where you want to go.

Start by asking yourself:

  • What do I love to do?
  • What am I really good at doing?
  • How could I do what I love combined with doing what I’m really good at?
  • Why do I want to do this?
  • What feels right in my life?
  • What doesn’t feel right in my life or work?
  • What am I willing to do to change it?

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Time To Stop Working So Hard and Create Your Masterpiece

When we are doing what we love, the effort (if there is any) needed to accomplish something seems infinitely less than when we are doing what we “like” or what we have “become good at.”

Instead, figure out how to do what you love with the gifts that you have, with your many ways of brilliance. Get clear on Why you want to do it, so you can wake up every morning with that knowledge and clarity motivating your every movement.

When you offer the world this combination, that is when you experience MIRACLES.


Masterpiece Living: A Beautiful Place to Rest 02303 by Baylan Megino

Masterpiece Living: A Beautiful Place to Rest 02303 by Baylan Megino

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Dream: Finding Your Dream

Dreams come to us in infinite ways, and often in pieces. One evening many years ago I was sitting in a women’s circle after a full day’s work. With a gentle smile, the leader asked us, “What’s your dream?” I froze.

Dream? I didn’t have a dream. I had things I was supposed to do in order to be seen as a responsible adult.

“What does your heart desire?” she pressed on. Her words seemed to float in the air for me to consider.

My heart? My desire? MY Heart’s Desire? Unfathomable.

I had been raised to think only of what I had to do to help everyone else. Nowhere was it ever okay to think of just myself, to the exclusion of everyone else.

So I dutifully tried to focus on my physical heart. “What do you want?” I asked, expecting a quick, straightforward answer.


I sighed and waited. At that point in my life, my heart wasn’t used to being asked any questions, or being given any attention.

Took a deep breath to calm and center myself, then ventured again. “What do you want?” I asked, as if my heart was separate from me.

Silence again.

As I waited, I listened to the other women share their dreams – simple dreams, heart-anchored dreams, loving dreams.

Then a single word came to me. “Peace.”

Ah, yes!…. That’s what my heart desired. Peace.

Finding Your Dream by Baylan Megino

Finding Your Dream by Baylan Megino

Today I know that dreams often come to me in pieces, as words and phrases and images that catch my attention, or float in and out of my awareness.

I have to pay attention, or they could fly past me without notice.

Sometimes these help me to see what I DON’T want, so I can zero in on what I DO want.

These in turn are pieces and threads that, once woven together into a design I like, reveal the dream wanting my full focus.

So listen. See what is brought to your attention, and piece together the dream you are here for.

Let me know in the Comments below how you access your life dreams.

Blessings and Abundant Light,

Baylan Megino


Step 1: Your Conscious Living Begins When You Stop

We live in a crazy, information packed, fast-paced, high density world pushing us to do, do, do. Creating a life of conscious living begins when you stop.

Time to Stop

We rush from place to place, project to project, person to person, text to phone call to email to text, and start all over again. Like a hamster on its wheel, the running is endless. That is, until we choose to step to the side and Stop. Conscious living means we are aware of ourselves and our world.

Stop to Breathe

As we are running around in this hamster-run we call life, sometimes we are happy. We feel our work is making a difference, and we feel fulfilled. We laugh, we enjoy friends, we feel love. Yet there is so much pressure to keep up with what everyone else is doing – To be there in case something happens – To be sure to be prepared for whatever could happen – To be able to share what happens – To be able to help whether we are needed or not. For whatever reason, we keep running to keep up. Who knows what we might miss if we didn’t!

Aren’t you exhausted? Why don’t you take the time RIGHT NOW to stop. Just for a few seconds. Just stop. First, Stop. Then Breathe. Take the time to stop and breathe.

And then pay attention to your breath, and your body as you breathe. All that running often requires that our muscles must tense, and our energy must be on alert.

Conscious Living: Being in the World

Conscious Living: Being in the World

Stop to Listen

In this moment of attention, listen to the thoughts that come to your mind. Give yourself the honor and respect to listen — to you. Sometimes you  may hear criticism and urging to start up again. Let those thoughts just float away. Acknowledge them, and let them go. Listen instead to the thoughts that are positive, supportive, loving. Listen to the thoughts that tell you what IS, and that hold behind the words a gentle yet firm support that you know what is needed. Listen to the messages to make choices that are Yours, and not someone else’s.

Stop to Feel

The body is an amazing computer with a mind of its own. I believe it does not lie. Listen to what your breath and muscles and nerves are telling you. Be open to knowing what you are feeling physically. Where are your muscles tense? Where are you holding or compensating? Are you holding your breath? Do you feel pain?

Scan your body. Are there areas where you cannot sense much – areas that are like blank spots? You know they are there, but are not aware of them? Sometimes it’s the back, or the backs of the thighs, or any place where you don’t normally expend any energy. Just note these places to yourself.

Then check what your emotions are in this moment. Are you happy? Excited? Sad? Depressed? Apprehensive? Whatever emotions you feel, acknowledge them. They are yours, ready to help you decide and understand your next step.

Stop to Be

Do, Have, Be. “If I Do X, then I will Have Y, and I will Be Z.” However, now we know this is backwards.

Be, Do, Have. We must Be what we envision so we know what to Do that we are here to do so we will Have what we want. That is the core of a Conscious Life.

How do you Be? Well, you are doing it right now.

Stop. Breathe. It is in this moment that you are conscious of Being. No forward movement,no worrying about the future, no focusing on the past. Just being. So be here now. Then listen and feel. And make your choice for the next moment.

So in order to begin living a conscious life, allow yourself first to Stop.