Gratitude Day 2: Connection to Spirit

On this second day of Gratitude, I am grateful for my Connection to Spirit. It is my everlasting lifeline.

Gratitude Day 2 Connection to Spirit by Baylan Megino

Gratitude Day 2 Connection to Spirit by Baylan Megino

In this life, I’ve found there are some things that don’t make sense in the moment, but in hindsight make absolute sense for the journey.

In difficult times, when there didn’t seem to be any light in the dark, the only thing that got me through was my focus and belief in something with higher intelligence and knowedge of the big picture. Invisible, unknown things don’t make sense to me any other way.

I also believe each of us has loving beings in the spirit world who help us. They comfort us when we’re sad, cheer for us when we need encouragement, congratulate us when we achieve something.

They nudge us in the right direction, give us guiding signs, and generally help us get through the daily ups and downs of life. And they stand by as we navigate each moment, ready to help as soon as we ask.

Raised as a Catholic, in the 7th and 8th grades my mother dropped me off early at school. If it was dark, cold, or rainy,I slipped into the church to escape the elements and classmates.

Almost daily this allowed me to attend morning mass. The church was a quiet, warm, cavernous space, populated by only a handful of seniors and me. Tucked into the shadows in the back rows, it was the perfect place to observe the sunlight move across the stained glass windows.

As I’ve gotten older, I¬†explored other religions and spiritual practices so I could understand other perspectives. Understanding the what and why of different practices has enriched my own spiritual practices.

Over time, rituals and routines for the daily round gave me touchstones for peace of mind. Though sometimes I only have a few minutes to stop and connect, often that’s enough.

Connection to Spirit for me is a regular flow of communication. I ask questions or for help, ook for signs, listen to my inner knowing and to the sounds and words around me. I trust that I will be heard, and that the answer is on its way.

So today I am grateful for my Connection to Spirit – through it I give thanks, and receive an abundance of information and loving care. No matter what.

Today let’s be open to experiencing our Connection to Spirit. Ask for something simple – a sign, a message, a parking space – and look and listen for the answer ūüôā

Blessings, light and peace,


Gratitude Day 1: Breath of Life

On this first Gratitude Day, I am grateful for that first breath taken at birth, the Breath of Life, and for every breath since then.

Gratitude Day 1 Breath by Baylan Megino

Gratitude Day 1 Breath by Baylan Megino

In the very first moment of life, we take a breath for the first time and struggle to fill our lungs with air. Taking this foreign element into our water-nourished bodies is our first physical struggle outside the womb.

With each succeeding inhalation, we infuse our cells, our muscles, and all our tissues, and we are able to become more alive in this outer world as a result. Then we exhale, only to take in the next breath.

Like a bellows, we fill and empty our lungs. Oxygen is distributed to all the right places. The lungs fill, the heart fills, and cells are alerted,

“Life Will Continue.”

Without that rhythmic inhale-exhale-inhale-exhale song, there would be no life. There would be no BE.

How we know to take that first breath, and to continue breathing — is a mystery.

When we take that first breath outside mother’s womb, we begin on the path of our own life — individual, private, alone.¬†Yet the planet is surrounded with an abundance of air to breathe, an abundance of food to eat, materials for clothing, and places for shelter.

We could live this life alone, but we do not remain alone. At least in the beginning, we need others to feed us, to clothe us, to shelter us, and to show us how to BE in this world. That is the journey.

What compels us to take that first breath? And the second and the third and the four-hundred-millionth?

Perhaps it is an innate knowing that there is something out there. Perhaps it is an innate curiousity that leads us from moment to moment as we experience this physical realm.

Inhale. Exhale.
Inhale. Exhale.
Inhale. Exhale.

Before we know it, decades have passed and we are still standing, still breathing, still listening to our heart beat, however faintly.

So today let’s be grateful for the very basic and irreplaceable Breath of Life. It allows us to explore this adventure called Life as we create our own stories along the inhale-exhale journey. May it contine as long as our heart desires.

Blessings of light, abundance, and peace to you,

Baylan Megino


30 Days Begin and End in Gratitude

30 Days of Gratitude: It is the first New Moon of 2016, and the last new moon of the Asian Lunar Year. Whether you are beginning your year, or ending it, this time I would like to begin and end in Gratitude.

"Heart of Hearts" partial FB by Baylan Megino

“Heart of Hearts” partial FB by Baylan Megino

So every day for 30 days until the next new moon on February 8th, I will celebrate and give gratitude. I’ll post first on my blog here and follow on my Facebook Page ( Won’t you join me?