Dream: Finding Your Dream

Dreams come to us in infinite ways, and often in pieces. One evening many years ago I was sitting in a women’s circle after a full day’s work. With a gentle smile, the leader asked us, “What’s your dream?” I froze.

Dream? I didn’t have a dream. I had things I was supposed to do in order to be seen as a responsible adult.

“What does your heart desire?” she pressed on. Her words seemed to float in the air for me to consider.

My heart? My desire? MY Heart’s Desire? Unfathomable.

I had been raised to think only of what I had to do to help everyone else. Nowhere was it ever okay to think of just myself, to the exclusion of everyone else.

So I dutifully tried to focus on my physical heart. “What do you want?” I asked, expecting a quick, straightforward answer.


I sighed and waited. At that point in my life, my heart wasn’t used to being asked any questions, or being given any attention.

Took a deep breath to calm and center myself, then ventured again. “What do you want?” I asked, as if my heart was separate from me.

Silence again.

As I waited, I listened to the other women share their dreams – simple dreams, heart-anchored dreams, loving dreams.

Then a single word came to me. “Peace.”

Ah, yes!…. That’s what my heart desired. Peace.

Finding Your Dream by Baylan Megino

Finding Your Dream by Baylan Megino

Today I know that dreams often come to me in pieces, as words and phrases and images that catch my attention, or float in and out of my awareness.

I have to pay attention, or they could fly past me without notice.

Sometimes these help me to see what I DON’T want, so I can zero in on what I DO want.

These in turn are pieces and threads that, once woven together into a design I like, reveal the dream wanting my full focus.

So listen. See what is brought to your attention, and piece together the dream you are here for.

Let me know in the Comments below how you access your life dreams.

Blessings and Abundant Light,

Baylan Megino


Daily Boost: The Seed of Being

We are born into this world with a unique seed of being. No one else comes into this world to share our unique flavor and experience. Yet what each of us is capable of manifesting often lies in a state of dormancy. Like a seed, it resides deep underground, gathering energy to one day burst forth into the sunlight.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We spend each day doing our daily rounds with work, family, and friends. With each passing moment, waiting inside is a creative idea, big or small, that is asking to be let out into the world. What is it?

Will you acknowledge this idea and act so it can come into the light of day? Will you tend to it so it can grow strong and gift you as well as the world?

Today take a few moments to get quiet and listen for that creative idea waiting inside. Write it down. Think about it. Feel it. Ask yourself, “Is it time to let it grow?”

Then act on the answer — Does it need more time to continue to gather energy? Or is it time to do at least one thing that will help it come into the light of day?

Listen. Feel. Act. Let the seed of being grow.


Peace and Light to You,