Masterpiece Profiles


Our Mission:

To gather stories and messages that inspire and empower current and future generations to create lives they love.

We live in exciting times with people who have much to share about their journeys. Many are elders within their communities. Many are not. All pursue life with a passion for what they believe and love.

This page will showcase my interviews with people who I consider have achieved Masterpiece status by affecting the world in a positive way – artists, musicians, business people, community advocates, etc.

Our stories are our treasures, our masterpieces. “Ourstorian” is a new word I am hearing used. It suggests that the person focuses on our stories as history. In the process of defining ourselves, we look at the many places that comprise where we come from – our families, our environments, our cultures, our archetypal patterns. Mind you, even your experience of the last minute when you have been reading this is now part of your history.

One thing I’ve come to really appreciate about the here and now is that we are the sum total of all we have brought forth from our understanding of the past – our beliefs, our thoughts, our actions, our experiences, our relationships, our connections. I took lessons from my life experiences and continue to move forward in my world with growing wisdom.

That is the power of our stories. When we examine all parts of the story – internal, external, interactions, relationships, expectations, results – we are able to interpret and find our own reason why it happened. We uncover the lesson to be learned. There may be more than one. We each get to choose the lessons learned.

The vast majority of our stories are left untold, however. I’ve come to truly appreciate the value of sharing the wisdom gathered. One doesn’t have to be an elder to have wisdom to share. Some of the clearest wisdom comes from our young people. Some of the richest wisdom comes from our elders. And it is all wisdom that the world would benefit from knowing.

Our stories are our treasures. Our stories are our gifts to the world today. Our stories are the ground for the future. I remember having an assignment that required writing my own eulogy. Today, what would I write about my life that I want to pass on to the world? What would I share of the masterpiece of a rich tapestry that is my life? What jewels from my garden would I focus on?

These Masterpiece Profiles look at life and find stories that share the lessons learned. They share the wisdom. They show the way to those who are following in their path. We are all richer for the sharing.

My hope is these stories will inspire and empower you to create the life you are here to love.

Many thanks for listening.


Nina Simons, Co-Founder of Bioneers and of Cultivating Women’s Leadership