How We Help You


We believe you have a dream – a dream in which your heart’s desires are fulfilled every day, and your lifework fuels the lifestyle that supports your vision. When you create your life in alignment with that dream, we call you a Dream Maker.

I’m here to help you find clarity and organization amidst the mental clutter so you can express your authentic voice in your own unique way as you create your life and business. We help you consciously build your life as the Dream Maker you are.

You’re On Your Way

If you’re like most people, you’re not a full-time Dream Maker – YET.

You have an idea of what you want, and maybe even know how you want to get there. However, the journey has begun in fits and starts, and the road has been less than smooth.

Perhaps you hit some of these personal roadblocks:
– You feel disconnected or like you don’t fit in
– You can’t focus on goals and dreams that you want to create
– You are easily distracted from things important to you
– You’d rather gather information to eliminate possible solutions than sit quietly and listen for the answer inside
– You know you need to shift internally / mentally, but keep getting stuck
– You want to create things your own way, and not in the shadow of others or by copying them
– You don’t wait for others before making the first step when you know what you want
– You know when something DOESN’T fit for you, but don’t always say so
– You get bored doing the same thing over and over again
– You’re thinking of making the leap from employee to entrepreneur.

If Today Were The Last Day Of My Life Steve Jobs 07872 full by Baylan Megino

If Today Were The Last Day Of My Life Steve Jobs 07872 full by Baylan Megino

Or maybe you have a business, and
– You’ve built your business but it doesn’t reflect who you are anymore
– You know social media can be an important part of your marketing system, but don’t know where to start
– Your marketing isn’t getting the traction you need to build your platform
– You need to identify ways to consolidate / streamline / expand
– You know your bottom line could look A LOT better if you could only get the right things in focus
You’ve lost momentum.

If you see yourself above, don’t worry. I was there, too.

In fact, I work best with people who are in these situations because I’ve been there and know how to get through to where you want to go.

My Story

I’ve been consciously on my spiritual path for more than 25 years. During that time I’ve experienced a lot in life:

  • Worked behind the scenes in an architecture/engineering company that had built clean rooms in much of early Silicon Valley
  • Held down key admin positions in a global investment management firm, especially in the areas of international mutual funds, technology, and biotech
  • Grew with the venture capital fund of funds group from investment division through management buyout
  • Managed facilities to accommodate continual growth from 220 employees in one Financial District location to more than 400 employees in three locations
  • Built a residential remodeling company from “a guy and his truck” to $1.2 million in sales, then had to close it when the economy tanked
  • Married and divorced, twice
  • Brought my daughter into the world with a very difficult birth
  • Had my “dream house” in process for years
  • Fought off foreclosure for more than a year, and was able to get out from under just 1 week before the housing crash
  • Was president of my local Chamber of Commerce
  • Participated at leadership levels in my local and national community
  • Visioned and was Founding Co-Director of an organization that has led the movement in the Filipino community to re-embrace indigenous knowledge and practices
  • For the first several years, helped organize the program and committee that presents one of the nation’s largest annual Filipino American History Month celebrations
  • Explored and learned several healing modalities, thus gathering a variety of tools in my basket
  • Received Life Coach certification before there were certification organizations
  • Learned from many spiritual teachers and mentors about How To Be in the World with My Gifts
  • Was caregiver for my father during part of his struggle with Alzheimer’s, and still am for my mother during her health challenges
  • Learned more about looking at the world and communication through photography and videography
  • Interviewed some very interesting, high profile Dream Makers for my Masterpiece Profiles interview series
  • Developed my own social media system that got me to the Top 10% of Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles
  • And continue to inspire and encourage individuals and entrepreneurs to create their dream life one day at a time.

Now I combine all that knowledge and experience, and use it to help people live the life they want to live, while creating the lifework they want to bring to the world.

Being Positive in a Negative World

One thing I learned was that almost everyone has a desire to make a positive difference in the world, and you’re no exception.

Unfortunately, you often don’t see a person’s negative aspects because you usually see only the best in people.

Conscious Living: Being in the World

Conscious Living: Being in the World

Isn’t it disappointing when you discover they aren’t being the positive person you see? Don’t you feel taken advantage of when you take on too many projects or too much responsibility for others? Whether in your personal life or your business, this can be a slippery slope down to a brick wall.

Let’s face it – focusing on the negative in the world doesn’t get you anywhere you want to go, much less anywhere you want to stay. But being an ostrich and taking on too much only makes you exhausted and overwhelmed.


“Your guidance helped me gain a more positive view of myself and the opportunities in front of me.” – Pilar, Media Salesperson

The Life You Want To Live

Wouldn’t you rather have a life where you’re expressing your authentic thoughts, where your gifts unfold each time you communicate, your originality is celebrated, and you’re doing life your own way?

The Risk It Took To Blossom, photo by Baylan Megino

The Risk It Took To Blossom, photo by Baylan Megino

Don’t you want your business to be a place where your vision and mission is so well ingrained that your customers experience it in every contact, and happily refer others to you?

My mission is to help you build your life based on what is most important to you, on what you hold deep in your heart.

I’m here to help you navigate to the life you dream of, to the abundant life of a Dream Maker creating from your heart and soul.

“I have experienced Baylan’s generous initiative via her leadership in forming a follow-up circle community… Her insights into group dynamics and sensitivities toward creating a supportive environment–both spatially and intellectually–facilitated meaningful growth opportunities for all of the participants.” – Lisa Suguitan-Melnick, writer, educator,and qigong instructor

Through many of my own painful life experiences, I have learned that we create our lives, consciously or unconsciously. We make choices that shape our experiences as we weave the stories of our lives. Those stories are our own self-expression put out there for the whole world to see.

Baylan has a deep commitment to healing, clarity, and empowerment. She worked with me during a time of severe illness, offering helpful insight and energetic clearing practices. Her compassion and generosity were a profound blessing.” – Rev. Liza Rankow, One Life Institute

How I Work

Gratitude Day 1 Breath by Baylan Megino

Gratitude Day 1 Breath by Baylan Megino

When I work with you, I gather information from many sources to understand the multidimensional you, the energies you are here to engage, and the lessons you are here to learn. In our work, I share my highly intuitive understandings and how your energy anatomy is being impacted.

Whether in your life or your business, I see the different dimensional levels and how they work. I look at how the different lessons are threads playing out in your life, your communications, and in your business, and find new ways to createi in alignment with your dream.

“Baylan, creates space for discovery of self that is rooted in the unearthing of your truest most authentic self. My experiences exchanging with her have helped me to see the wonderment and joy of digging deeply within myself to constantly learn and relearn who I am and desire to be and to unveil all the knowledge and power I possess in my being. She has helped to support a process of becoming that I now walk as a full and centered self.” – Jana Lynne Umipig, writer/artist/producer of Journey of a Brown Girl


“Baylan has been instrumental in helping me integrate and sustain my practice of both healing and art. She has also helped build community with other healers in journey. Baylan has a creative mind, compassionate soul, and enduring heart. Our conversations are always meaningful and humanizing, and I appreciate the spirit she brings; one of self reflection and living an artful life. Baylan is such a bright light and is surely a beautiful weaver of dreams.” – Jana, healer/artist

"Double Vision" copyright Sanny Leviste

“Double Vision” copyright Sanny Leviste

In your business, your message, marketing and systems that deliver the message to your target audience are key components of your overall self-expression. Your words are drops in the water that ripple out into the world.

We help you design your life and your business to align with what is most important to you, then mentor you as you begin to make that dream your reality.

“Been having conversations with Baylan the past few years, and she has always been a profound healer of ideas. Our conversations would lead to great inspiration and clarity. Her name fits her. “Baylan” in Palawan culture is a Shaman. She is a shaman.” Kanakan Balintagos, internationally awarded film maker and playwright (aka “Aureus Solito”)

Let’s explore how I can help you make the shift to your dream life.

Schedule a Free 30-minute Introductory Phone Appointment HERE.

Let’s work together to gain clarity so you can move forward with more ease and freedom.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

Abundant blessings,

Baylan Megino