12 Days of Gratitude Day 3: Communication

On this 3rd day of Gratitude, I am grateful for the ability to Communicate – to receive communication from so many sources, and to be able to communicate my wants, needs, and feelings to others. Imagine what chaos and pain there would be in the world if we couldn’t effectively communicate.

When I walk around and pay attention, I notice so many different ways we receive communication. One way to look at it is through our senses.

12 Days of Gratitude 2017 Day 3 Communication by Baylan Megino

12 Days of Gratitude 2017 Day 3 Communication by Baylan Megino

Communication through Observation

It was liberating when I realized we receive communication visually in images, written words, and in observing the happenings around us. If you really think about this, then you might become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of communication we are bombarded with every day.

“How is observing a way of communication?” you may wonder. Well, what are the thoughts that come to mind as you walk through your day? If you are on a crowded sidewalk, what do you see? Perhaps you observe a woman holding a child’s hand. Why do you think you were drawn to notice that one particular visual, and not drawn to notice another person, or a different picture in a store window?

Communication with Higher Mind

In my way of navigating through the world, this is how we receive communication from our inner mind, our higher mind, our spirit guides, our angels. We notice things with the intention of receiving communication in any form. Then it is our job to interpret what we are receiving.

Sometimes we then need to determine if the message is for us, or for someone else we are in contact with. For those of us who are more sensitive to receiving messages, it is important to know when the communication is meant for you, or meant for another.

Communication through Words

Most of the time we communicate through words – this is a very direct and simple way to communicate. We convey the nuances of our expressed thoughts using verbal and written words. The only filter we contend with is our bias related to the particular words, and this bias can be far-reaching. This filter is culturally influenced, whether the culture is centered on ethnicity, geography, family, spiritual practice, sexual orientation, academic institution, etc.

When we become aware of our own biases, then we increase the potential to accurately receive the intended communication.

The Power of Words to Create

Words are thought energy shared. When a thought is shared, it can become a concrete thing through action. That very action shapes the experience of all those involved. So words are powerful because they have the potential of affecting others, the potential of catalyzing the creation of something – a thing, a situation, a relationship.

When you think about it, if you truly understand this concept, and harness that knowledge to create what you want, then you have the power of creation.

Communication through Actions

I remember being confused and frustrated one day because someone I cared about said one thing, and did another. I had begun to question my ability to understand what they wanted to communicate.

To help me understand, my best friend said, “It’s not what they say that is important. It’s what they do that tells you how they really feel.”

It's not what they say - It's what they do by BaylanMeginoIt makes sense. How many times have you heard someone agree to do something, and then turn around and do the opposite or something else? Their words didn’t match their actions. Consider that, for whatever reason, they did not want to say No. So if you know this mismatch is possible in a situation, then watch what they do. How do they Act? Actions communicate a wealth of information. But we’ll get into that with more depth another time.

We are all familiar with simple actions that communicate: “The Look” from mom, the tug on your hand or arm to stop you from walking onto a busy street, a hug, a gentle rub on your back, a smile. Actions communicate whether to move toward that person, or to head the other way. We’ve all learned how to interpret actions so that we know which way to go.

Communicate with Music

Music without words can communicate deeply. The sounds are vibrations that our minds and bodies translate. When listening to a symphony by Beethoven, I can hear so many emotions being expressed – love, anger, longing, excitement. I can also imagine peace, beauty in nature, storms, a horse chase. Such music paints pictures in your mind, which then releases a flood of chemicals based on the emotion being experienced.

Music also communicates with your cells. When listening to a song using Tibetan singing bowls you are brought through an inner journey. Depending on the tones used, different energy centers in your body are woken up. These energy centers, known by some traditions as chakras, then vibrate to resonate with the tone, and to realign to its optimal condition.

I’m getting deep here – but if you understand the power of music to change one’s cells, then you have a key to healing.

While these are some of the major ways of communication, I’ve actually shared some grains of information that underlie some of the powerful ways of ancient healing. Can you see them?


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12 Days of Gratitude Day 1: Good Health:

12 Days of Gratitude: Day 1- Good Health




12 Days of Gratitude: Day 2 – Mobility

Today I am grateful for Mobility – in all its forms. Several years ago I had a mentor who had survived a broken back. She was immobile for months, and had to relearn how to use almost every muscle in her body. Being able to move her pinkie finger was a celebration.

That really puts our physical mobility into a different light, doesn’t it? On a few occasions I have felt my knees not ready to flex while going down the front stairs. That has immobilized me momentarily, because the pain was acute. With a few stretches and slight knee-bends, I was able to continue on my way. So our physical health and flexibility is key to our overall mobility.

Ask a chiropractor or physical therapist – they know all about the importance of flexibility and the body’s ability to respond with the level of comfort and strength needed.

12 Days of Gratitude Day 2 Mobility by Baylan Megino

12 Days of Gratitude Day 2 Mobility by Baylan Megino

We take so much of our mobility for granted.

Then after looking past my body and my ability to move it in any direction I choose, I then look at vehicles.

Something as simple as riding a bicycle takes coordination. AND the ability to afford/have a bike. For some, that is the first main challenge to being able to function beyond your immediate four walls.

Expand that ability to include driving a motorcycle/scooter, or the much larger car or truck, and you have the ability to travel farther and faster than possible in past centuries.

Today it is so easy to step outside, get into a car, and just go. Can you image not being able to travel with such ease?

Now with the recent rise of inexpensive car riding services, we don’t even have to own/lease/rent a car. In this Lyft-enabled / Uber-enabled world, where a waiting vehicle is only a phone call away, we can’t imagine not being able to travel quickly and relatively inexpensively.

In certain times when my movement has been limited by lack of access to a vehicle, it’s been very challenging to downshift and still get things done that I’ve needed to accomplish. Business appointments, grocery shopping, doctor appointments, general shopping – these all require traveling distances that are not easily covered on foot, much less with arms laden with full shopping bags.

Buses, light rail, and trains all work to move the masses where they need to be on schedule. Good public transportation systems are imperative to being able to make and keep appointments.

My mobility – whether personal or vehicular – is key to determining how my days are planned, and what in-person interactions will be possible. I can choose to stay at home, even to work at home, and still know that mobility is easily possible.

So much of my life relies on being able to go to the store on a moment’s notice, or transport people to appointments reliably, or to move back and forth with ease. To not be able to enjoy such mobility would be a totally different life – and not one I would look forward to each day.

Can you imagine what it’s like to suddenly be without a vehicle? Or without the ability to physically move easily? What might you decide to NOT do? How would your life change?

Perhaps I would change what I do. Definitely I would be forced to change HOW I do things. Everything would have to be planned out, and spontaneity would go out the window. On the other hand, maybe I would do less, and concentrate my time even more. I might even walk more – which could be a good thing!

Someday soon I will be making more such decisions – let’s just hope the decisions are by choice, and not out of necessity.

So today I am grateful for Mobility.


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12 Days of Gratitude: Day 1- Good Health


12 Days of Gratitude Day 3: Communication



12 Days of Gratitude: Day 1- Good Health

12 Days of Gratitude came to me today as I was thinking of the song, “The 12 Days of Christmas.” While I’ve looked more toward the meaning behind the holiday traditions, I realized that the song related to the 12 days between December 25th and “Little Christmas,” 12 days later when it is celebrated that the 3 Kings arrived at Baby Jesus’ manger.

I started thinking about the gifts we are given in this life, and can be aware of especially at this time. To identify the 12, I’ve decided to be open to what will come, rather than preplanning the 12 days. The first one that came to mind is this: Good Health.

12 Days of Gratitude Day 1- Good Health by Baylan Megino

12 Days of Gratitude Day 1- Good Health by Baylan Megino

Looking around me, so many people are elderly, in ill health, or are managing life-altering conditions. I can only feel compassion for the daily battle they fight to keep as independent as possible.

As my grandmother used to say,

“But for the Grace of God go I.”

I am blessed and grateful to have good health today, and know I can do better with keeping in good physical shape. This is my temple, and in 2018 I intend to take better care of it.

So today I am grateful for Good Health.


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12 Days of Gratitude: Day 2 – Mobility



Friends: Relationships come in all shapes and sizes and configurations, and friendship – that is a one-on-one experience. It can expand to one-on-many, of course, like when we have our group of friends from high school, or our buddies from college.

Friendship Is Built Over Time

Yet, the deepest relationships are those built conversation by conversation, experience by experience, like grains of sand that build the beach we know we can always return to for rest and replenishment.

True friendship is the beach that, beyond all the accolades and titles and external signs of failure or success, receives and accepts you for who and what you are no matter what. These are the friends who listen to your story of happiness or pain, nod their heads, and say, “Yes, that is what happened. And you are still here. I am still here. And I care for you no matter what.”

“Let’s take a walk together near the ocean shore
Hand in hand you and I
Let’s cherish every moment we have been given
The time is passing by… “

– From “Cherish” by Kool & The Gang

The Gift of Witness

I know a group of friends who are like that with each other. They have been together at least since college, some reaching back to childhood. Life had scattered them to all ends of the earth over time, yet somehow in the later years of their careers brought them all within 50 miles of each other. They reconnected, a few at a time, and now gather as a group almost every month.

I see this around me in many people and groups. Each time there is a different story. Each gathering you can sense the flow and weight of life as time moves forward. Now they look toward the years past the work-for-family-support years.

Contemplating with Friends

As I move closer to completing my 6th decade, I too am examining –

  • What is important to keep moving forward in my life?
  • Who is in my life that I can depend on?
  • How do I want my life to be in the next decades?
  • What do I want to spend my time on that fills my heart and soul?

These are questions that can be posed while a dear friend walks quietly beside you, listening and contemplating with you. These are questions whose answers lie deep in the heart – answers which often are tempered by the reality of physical conditions, family commitments, relationships. Those things provide the perimeters of our existence – the space in which we allow ourselves to define our daily experiences.

Back to Basics NDW 2015 DSC07880fb

Back to Basics with Neale Donald Walsch – photo copyright 2015 Baylan Megino

And somewhere, when we look at everything closely enough through the lens of the heart, we can find that beach waiting.

Because I look around and see contrasts, things that are NOT what I will allow in my life.

  • What relationship worth keeping would willfully require one to live in pain in order to be in it?
  • What work worth pursuing would require us to continually cover the skills and talents – the Brilliance that we possess?

I do not have the answers. I only share the questions that have come to me as I have contemplated for myself the direction my life will take in the next years.

My Dear Friend

These are questions I can share with a dear, dear friend of mine. We have traveled parts of this journey in the last decade that have been very difficult – separation, divorce, illness of a loved one, death, health challenges, caregiving – all heavy things that can bring you down and keep you down if you are alone.

Yet we have popped in and out of each other’s lives, there when needed. Simply knowing she is there is enough. It is the kind of relationship that perhaps you have in your life – one where you can call after weeks or months of non-contact, and talk as if you were continuing a conversation from yesterday.

She is a precious friend because she knows me. She doesn’t raise her eyebrows when I tell her about my connections with spirit. She doesn’t condemn me when I share my missteps. She doesn’t put me on a pedestal. She holds me close in her heart, and we walk side-by-side, as equals, facing the world and all its challenges on this life path.

Friends Who Help You Get Through It All

Recently I was describing such friendship to a young one going through a wrenching breakup. Do you remember how painful such separations can be? How did you get through it? Most probably you had a friend willing to listen to you as you floundered through to find your footing again. Whether that person is still in your life or not, they were there when you needed it most. Sometimes it’s like that, isn’t it? People come and go.

They say people come into your life for a season, a reason, or a lifetime. That is easier to see as we look back across the years at the ups and downs weathered along the way – after we’ve lived some of life and have experienced the “slings and arrows.” Some have been there and disappeared shortly after. Others have been there through many, many years before falling away. Still a very few remain with us, withstanding the test of time.

Heart of Hearts (partial) copyright 2002 Baylan Megino

“Heart of Hearts” (partial) copyright 2002 Baylan Megino

The Courage to Love and Be Love

It is easy to get jaded and close off, not wanting to be hurt or feel the pain of loss. Yet, to do so is to deny yourself the experiences of love and happiness and joy – the contrasts of which are anger, sadness, and pain. They are all felt to different degrees as a relationship progresses.

Over time I have become acutely aware of how we are all connected. I believe the HeartMath ™ folks look at Resonance. Others speak of the web of life. Yet others speak of the ripples we create that are felt throughout the world.

The point is that we are not here alone. Everything we do is felt by others, felt at the subtlest levels. Those who step forward and offer their witness and friendship are those who we hold close in heart and mind – They are that first or second circle to feel our ripples.

My Prayer for You

My prayer for you is that your life is rich with experiences that fill your heart and make you shine with joy. Some pebbles, even some rocks may get in your path. You will find your way past them.

Overall, I pray the road will stretch long before you and provide beautiful views of the many facets of who you are and the light that ONLY YOU can bring to the world. And may that light be witnessed by loving friends.

Blessings for Abundant Love and Peace,


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Banish Burnout: How to Have a Values-Based Life of Purpose and Ease

The phrase “banish burnout” came to me when contemplating the main things we need to be able to move forward in wholeness in our lives. Burnout is a state that many do not even know they are skirting, though they recognize the situations and symptoms that signal we are on the path to burnout. One huge reason we face burnout is because we are living a life not in alignment with who we really are and why we are here.

If you wonder if MisAlignment or Lack of Alignment is a problem at the core of your current life problems, here are some questions to ask yourself:

Are you tired of working hard to climb the ladder only to find you’re headed up the wrong mountain?

Is it hard to understand “what went wrong” in a relationship or at work?

Do you get unexpected pangs of anxiety?

Do you start in one direction but lose steam and struggle to keep focused?

Are you tired a lot of the time?

Have you hit a crossroads and want your next chapter to be pursuing YOUR dream
and not building someone else’s?

Do you wonder what is your Life Purpose and how to get on with it?

Are you looking for More Meaning in your life?

Is it time to REINVENT your life?

Are you facing burnout, and don’t know what to do?

Perhaps it is time for you to realign with who you are and with your life purpose.

Bliss Dance on Treasure Island copyright Baylan Megino

Bliss Dance on Treasure Island copyright Baylan Megino

Avoid burnout and let us help you get on track with your dream.

Somewhere along the way you might have been knocked off purpose, or didn’t act with what is true for you.

Perhaps Life took you through some detours and alleyways and now you’re reassessing where you’re going. To get back on track moving in the direction of desire, you have to

Dream Your Dream then See and Be The Real You

There are five simple things that you must know about yourself in order to create a life based on your guiding values, so you live a life of purpose and ease.

– Learn the importance of being clear Now

– Focus on the elements that make up You

– Understand the impact of your vision

– The process that lasers you in to making it real

– Find out the key guideposts for your decision-making

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