About My Path

It’s time to step on the next leg of this journey!

First, I’m Baylan Megino. I was born in the United States, and am a Filipina American.  My mother was born here, so I am considered 3rd generation on her side. My father was born in the Philippines, so I am 2nd generation on his side. I like to say that I am a bridge between cultures.

You can see my work background on LinkedIn. I’ve worked in lots of areas: student housing, architure/engineering, international investment management and venture capital, construction, network marketing, project fundraising/development, marketing, and alternative healing.

While building a million-dollar residential remodeling company, I became involved in the entrepreneurial community. At the same time, I studied alternative healing and found a spirit connection and ability — and the meaning of my name.

I explored my life path and journey, and created my coaching and consulting business, White Light Associates. This spun off the marketing and promotion arm, WLA Global.

At the same time, I was working with my Filipino community. First with FANHS, the Filipino American National Historical Society (actually it’s much more fun than it sounds!), I met other Filipinos who were born and/or raised here. I continue to hear stories of how each meets the cultural bridge.

Then I became involved with community advocacy through NaFFAA, the National Federation of Filipino American Associations, with Northern California Region 8.

Yet my work continued to feel the tug of a deeper calling, and I helped co-found the Center for Babaylan Studies.

Along the way, I have met and continue to meet wonderful and fascinating people whose stories I am compelled to capture.

Over time, I have explored how to show up in the world using the internet as a main base.

This site will focus on what is most important to me: helping people shine their light. There are many people who have stories to tell that will encourage and inspire. These are people I will call Masterpieces. My interviews with them, and thoughts on life will be contained in these pages. I hope you experience even a moment of light. And I thank you for visiting!

Peace and light to you,