Gratitude Day 3: Mother

On this third day of Gratitude, I give thanks for my Mother, and for all mothers in the world.

This morning as I woke up, sunlight was just peeking through the window. The house sildent, I heard my mother moving slowly in the next room.

Gratitude Day 3 Mother by Baylan Megino

Gratitude Day 3 Mother by Baylan Megino

How many times as an infant, I wondered, did I listen to her move through the rooms, the speed of her gait and volume of her sound communicating her feelings?

That is what mothers do. They are always present, whether physically or in our minds. They birth us, feed us, dress us, discipline us, tend to our every need. They teach us how to view and approach life, based on traditions, their experiences, and observations of the world. They shape our mental world and expectations, and guide our responses, defining right and wrong.

Even when we can provide for ourselves, mothers often still attempt to guide our thoughts.

It’s hard to stop being Mom.

Becoming a mother is a process sometimes eased by the shared wisdom from your own. It is in preparing to welcome your child that you understand the commitment required of a mother, a commitment made to ensure the continuation of life beyond our years.

A mother must give over her body to another being — for up to nine months she shares her breath, her blood, and her cells so that the baby can grow.,

She risks her health and her life in order that her child can come into the world. And once arrived, she must put many of her needs aside in order to focus on ensuring her child grows healthy, strong, and able to face the world in their own way.

As adults, our challenge is to remember to
keep in touch with our mothers,
even when life gets busy.

Especially when life gets busy.

As I get older, I’ve found that my mother has honed an uncanny intuition. Was she reading my mind before I even knew my thoughts?

At some point, the tables will turn, and children become caregivers for their parents. It is then that we must remember — EVERYTHING Mother did so that we could live, so we could thrive, so we could choose the path to walk and the life to live.

And in the toughest times, remember that someday, receiving care is where we shall each be. Hope that the care is given by someone who truly cares.

Giving gratitude for Mothers, and especially for My Mother. Thank you, Mom 🙂

Blessings, light and peace,





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