Inspiration: Be the Light in the Darkness

Inspiration and hope in a time of darkness is like water in the desert. On one particular afternoon I was sitting quietly as I grabbed a few moments of peace in my jam-packed day of taking care of things for others. My thoughts immediately focused on wondering what was next in my life.

Be the Light in the Darkness by Baylan Megino

Be the Light in the Darkness by Baylan Megino

The last several years had been particularly difficult, because I had turned everything upside down. Stepped away from almost all I had built. Ended relationships that I knew couldn’t work anymore, no matter what I did. Let go of whatever pictures still remained of what I used to think I was. Transitioned from a comfortable life to one where I wasn’t sure how my next cellphone bill would be paid.

You might know what I was living. The decks were cleared and I didn’t quite know what was next.

“Be the Light in the Darkness”
reverberated in my mind.  

What?!?!? Give more? There wasn’t a whole lot left to give, I thought. A moment or two passed in silence as my mind rearranged to allow the thoughts to bubble up.

This wasn’t the first time I’d heard these words. In fact, the first time I heard them I felt burdened by the perceived weight of yet more responsibility. This time, however, I felt a new sense of clarity and space around the words.

My life had been a series of experiences, each presenting its own lessons to learn — hard won lessons, easy lessons, difficult lessons. Each time I uncovered another aspect of myself, or discovered a truth that helped guide my steps. It hadn’t been easy. I had a lot of layers to uncover, and I will continue to uncover more and more as time passes.

One thing I realized early on is that we choose what we bring forward with us, consciously or not. An inventory of my experiences and the lessons learned helped me realize I have a lot to offer.

Skills and talents, yes. Organizational visioning and strategy, yes.  Even more valuable are the life lessons and wisdom gathered along my path – the ways to navigate the unfamiliar while creating a more conscious life. Sharing that wisdom to help others — that’s how I can bring light into someone’s darkness.

I’m excited! More to come….


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