Giving Thanks in 2014

Thanksgiving Sun 2014 by Baylan Megino

“Thanksgiving Sun 2014” Copyright 2014 Baylan Megino

Before this day is over, I want to Thank You for Being.

Before this weekend is over, I wish you and your loved ones time to connect.
Before this month is over, I wish you an abundance of opportunities to see how much of true value you already have, and that you continue to bring to the world.
Before this year is over, I wish you great clarity on the path forward.

And know
To live each moment is a gift.
To connect can be a lifeline.
To know your gifts can bring you peace.
To share those gifts is to make possible a better world.

I thank you for breathing.
I thank you for being a gift of light.
I thank you for showing me how wonderfully magnificent you are.
I thank you for sharing space with me.
Thank you.

Blessings, light, and peace,

“Thanksgiving Sun 2014”
copyright 2014 Baylan Megino

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